Helpful Hints

Here are some helpful hints on ways of making you and your cat’s Cattery experience even more enjoyable.

Planning: Plan well ahead where possible. Check your vaccination cards to make sure the cat has been vaccinated within 12 months. Should it be due for a booster make sure this is done.

If you have misplaced the card contact your vet for a replacement. Make sure that you take the card with you to the cattery. Check the opening times of the Cattery.

Transporting You Cat: Take your cat in a strong suitable carrier, cardboard and makeshift ones are not secure enough and it is extremely dangerous to (as well as invalidating car insurance) to have a cat loose in the car.

If your cat gets upset in a carrier try covering a wire one with a blanket (leaving ventilation), or having it on the passenger seat next to you. It is much better for a cat to be secure and meowing than unsafe and a distraction.

To make it less stressful for a cat to use a travelling basket get them to associate it with a pleasant experience by occasionally placing a dish of food inside.  This way it should not be so traumatic for the cat when it needs to be used.

Put newspaper rather than bedding in the carrier just in case puss has an accident – the blanket you have taken to sleep on and be a comfort to him is no good if in the wash.

If puss tends to go to the toilet/vomit when in the car make sure the carrier has a solid base, and if there is more than one cat put it in a separate carriers so they do not soil each other.