The Cat Chalets

Each chalet is a self-contained unit providing your cat with the necessities required for their daily comfort having a spacious floor exercise area and a ladder leading straight up to the sleeping quarters.

We also check all cats throughout the day. As and when required your cat is provided with fresh food and clean water, we also make sure the chalet is cleaned and inspected through out the day.

Heater pads are inside the sleeping quarters of each chalet providing a warm ambient temperature to keep your cat cozy and warm during the cooler days. Your cat[s] will enjoy good views through the windows of their chalets looking out onto the gardens to see all wildlife outside.

It’s a very relaxed affair, with the delights of music playing, food available or they will simply snooze away the day to their hearts content in their private sleeping quarters.

Please take a tour of our cat chalets

We would like to invite you to take a look around our cat chalets so that you can see for yourself how we cater for your pet. Of course you are always welcome to have a good look around the chalets when you visit us.

Through the selection of photographs below you will see the setting of the chalets and take a glimpse inside too. Here you will see that we cater for a wide variety of needs, cleanliness, comfort and entertainment that our feline customers insist on.